Alden 101 — Multimedia Technology ClassroomAlden101

The Multimedia Technology classroom includes 40 Linux workstations and 1 instructor presentation station.  The presentation podium provides projector capabilities for the workstation, document camera, and a presenter laptop.

Alden 103 — Software Design LabAlden103

The Software Design Lab includes 9 Linux workstations.  Additionally, the central computer is attached to a projector.


Alden 109 — Advanced Computing LabAlden109

The Advanced Computing Lab includes 19 Linux workstations and 1 instructor presentation station.  A projector is connected to the presenter machine and can also display a presenter’s laptop.

Research Labs

The Department also hosts computer workstations in spaces adjacent to faculty offices to facilitate student-faculty research.

Remote Desktop Access

Remote access to the Department computer labs is available using the X2Go remote desktop system.  The x2goclient software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux at Using the x2goclient, connect using the following settings:

SSH port: 22
Session type: MATE

Remote access through X2Go is only available while on campus at Allegheny College and requires a Computer Science user account. Also note, that the Ubuntu Unity desktop environment is not supported by X2Go, so MATE must be selected as the session type.

Hours of Operation: Evenings and Weekends