Department Overview

Founded in 1979, the computer science program at Allegheny College became the basis for the Liberal Arts Computer Science “Model Curriculum” for an undergraduate computer science experience.  The program is designed to ensure that its graduates are well grounded in basic concepts and skills, the central core of the discipline, and some advanced application areas.  This provides a solid academic base for further study and to build a successful career in computing.  The study of computer science leads to and requires the ability to analyze ideas, to think logically, and to communicate ideas clearly and concisely.  In this way, study of computer science contributes to the foundation of an excellent liberal arts education.

There are two majors in computing, Computer Science and Applied Computing, and several interest-focused minors.  The Computer Science major is designed to prepare students for advanced study of computer science or any of a variety of positions in the computing industry or in other industries requiring computing expertise. The Applied Computing major is designed to prepare students for exciting software development positions or entrepreneurial and management positions in computing and computing-related areas.