Internships and Independent Studies

Students wishing to do an internship for credit are expected to follow the same procedures as students in the Applied Computing major: complete CMPSC 500 (Internship seminar) prior to the internship, submit an “Internship and Independent Study Approval Form” [below], complete the approved internship, register for either CMPSC 510, 511, or 512 in the semester of or following the internship, and register for CMPSC 501 following the internship. See the Course Catalogue for further details. Finally, students who wish to conduct an independent study should also complete the following form in consultation with the faculty member who will sponsor the study. All independent studies are subject to a vote by all faculty members in the Department.

Internship and Independent Study Approval Form

Letters of Reference

Student who wish to receive letters of recommendation or references from faculty need to provide the following information well in advance of the due date:

  • A list of computer science courses completed under the direction of that faculty member, along with dates
  • The descriptions of any projects, either class-related or independent, that you believe are particularly worthy of mention
  • The descriptions of any other department services rendered (e.g., teaching assistant, freshman seminar peer leader, Learning Commons tutor), along with dates and other specifics
  • An up-to-date resume
  • Copies of any required essays (e.g., statements of research interests or professional goals as required by some graduate schools or employers)
  • Instructions for submission of the letters (e.g., mailed directly to school or employer? placed in a sealed envelope and given to you? online form?) and deadlines

Summer Opportunities

We encourage students to explore the many summer research opportunities available to qualified students. For example,

There are many more — ask your advisor for more information.

There are sometimes summer research opportunities at Allegheny College as well — please consult faculty members in the Department of Computer Science if you are interested in exploring such opportunities.