Computer Science 112 Spring 2006

Welcome! This is the main course web site for the Computer Science 112, Introduction to Computer Science II. You will be able to find postings of each one of the laboratories and homework assignments. You should use these pages to post questions about the assignments. Sometimes, you will be required to complete the assignment by actually posting your entire response to the web site. If there is any group project work, you will be able to use this site to collaborate with your group members. Links to the main areas for this course are included below with a short description.

Since this is a separate course website, you will need to return to Instructor Kapfhammer's Internet Site. You might want to return to Instructor Kapfhammer's Teaching Page.

Course Announcements includes important information. Check this often!

Course Syllabus includes the details about this course.

Class Register includes links to each of the website pages for the students in this course. Please make sure that you create your own page so that you can "sign" your responses to the homework assignments and the questions that you post about the laboratory assignments.

Class Schedule will include a discussion of the material that will be covered in the course each week. You can look to this page for information about the sections of the book that we will discuss and the additional programs you can download for viewing. Feel free to include comments about the areas of the week that were confusing or the areas that were very difficult!

Laboratory Assignments will include a collaborative area to facilitate the discussion of each laboratory assignment. You can use this collaborative area to post questions or requests for clarification. Also, you can use this page for a high-level discussion concerning the laboratory. This page will also include addendums and hints that will help you to complete the laboratory correctly!

Final Project will include details about the project that you will complete for this course. The project will require a group of individuals to develop a complete distributed application that solves a real-world problem.

Java Documentation includes links to the documentation for the version of Java that will be used in this course. The JavaDoc documentation for Java is often useful development companions.

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