Gregory M. Kapfhammer

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An Introduction to Associate Professor Gregory M. Kapfhammer

Welcome! My name is Gregory M. Kapfhammer and I am an Associate Professor in and Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Allegheny College. I am responsible for the development of the Department's new Applied Computer Science Major. This major is designed to help students learn how to utilize theory, techniques, and tools to implement efficient and effective software applications. I develop and teach courses in the areas of software engineering, software testing, data management, and distributed systems. I am also involved in the teaching of the department's introductory courses, junior seminar, senior seminar, and a research adviser for undergraduate and graduate theses. As an experimental computer scientist, I conduct research in the areas of software engineering, software testing and analysis, and computer systems.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, working with Professor Mary Lou Soffa to develop and experimentally evaluate testing techniques for database applications. In past experience, I was a Research Associate at Cigital Research Labs. Above and beyond being a computer scientist, I am proud to be a Christian, husband, and father. If you are interested in communicating with me, then you may view my complete contact information. You can check my Weekly Schedule Spring 2014 if you would like to schedule a meeting with me. If you want to learn more about me, then please read my Biographical Sketch and try a Google search. More information about the content of my Web site is available by viewing the recent changes or performing a search.

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