Computer Science 301 Fall 2018

Computer Science 301 Fall 2018
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Computer Science 301: Data Analytics will be offered in the fall semester with Oliver Bonham-Carter. Lectures will be held on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am with a weekly lab session on Friday at 2:30 pm.

An introduction to computational methods of data analysis with an emphasis on understanding and reflecting on the social, cultural, and political issues surrounding data and its interrogation. Participating in hands-on activities that often require teamwork, students study, design, and implement analytics software and learn how to extract knowledge from, for instance, financial, political, and scientific sources of data. Students also investigate the biases, discriminatory views, and stereotypes that may be present during the collection and analysis of data, reflecting on the ethical implications of using the resulting computational techniques. During a weekly laboratory session, students use state-of-the-art statistical software to complete projects, reporting on their findings through both written documents and oral presentations.

Prerequisite: FS 102 or permission of the instructor.

Distribution Requirements: QR, PD.