Remote Access Via X2Go

X2Go Session

Remote access to an environment identical to the computer labs is available through the X2Go remote desktop system. The x2goclient software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux at Connections to X2Go require a Computer Science user account with 2-Factor Authentication configured. Plain SSH connections to are also available if a graphical interface is not needed.

Setting Up 2-Factor Authentication

To enable 2-Factor Authentication on your Computer Science account, simply execute 2fasetup from an Alden Hall workstation. Answer yes when prompted to save the configuration and use the secret key to setup your authenticator device.

  • The secret key is used to setup your authenticator
  • The emergency scratch codes can be used exactly one time as an authenticator code in case you lose access to your authenticator device

2-Factor Authentication is now enabled on your account, but you need to enter your secret key into an authenticator device to generate the verification codes required to logon. Any client that implements the TOTP algorithm can be used. A commonly used authenticator is Google Authenticator.

For additional assistance with configuring 2-Factor Authentication, please see the Systems Administrator.

Setting Up X2Go

Download and install the X2go Client for your operating system by following the instructions at

The following connection settings are required to connect to

SSH port: 22
Session type: MATE

After signing in with your username and password, you will be prompted for a Verification Code. Enter the 6-digit number that is displayed on your authenticator device to complete the logon process.

X2Go Session Settings