Summer Opportunities: Fall 2015 Gator Day

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)

Summer REU programs are paid eight to ten week summer programs designed to provide students with a research experience at an institution other than their own. Summer REU programs serve as a recruiting tool for the host university since REU programs are designed to simulate the graduate school experience and prepare participants for graduate study. REU participants work on an individual research project under the direction of a faculty or staff member. If you are thinking about graduate school, REU programs are an excellent opportunity for you to explore your research interests and gain valuable research experience. National Science Foundation sponsors a number of REU programs, some of which are listed below. REU programs are very competitive, so you should pick several to apply to, most have a similar application with no application fee. You should also pick a wide variety of REU locations, since the most desirable geographic locations (Santa Barbara and NYC) are usually the most competitive.

Internship Opportunities for Undergraduates

Many companies have formal internship programs for undergraduate students. An internship is a directed, practical learning experience, outside of the normal classroom setting, offered by an employer to potential employees, interns, to work at a company for a fixed, limited period of time. Internships provide an excellent opportunity for you to sharpen skills, gain experience through real world work, apply classroom learning to professional settings or projects, and learn first hand how professional companies or organizations operate. Internships are a great way to gain an edge when applying for a job, to build a network of contacts in the industry, and some internships may even lead to jobs within the company after graduation. A few internship opportunities are listed below to help you start with your internship search, some of the listed opportunities are connected to an Allegheny connection, either through our alums working in these companies or through the direct recruitment of our students by the companies.