Cupper Scholars

Are you interested in furthering your knowledge of computer science by conducting collaborative research with a faculty member at Allegheny College? If yes, then please consider applying for a fellowship supported by the Cupper Scholars program! Recognizing the noteworthy contributions of the late Dr. Robert D. Cupper, the founder of the Department of Computer Science at Allegheny College and a ground-breaking and innovative teacher and scholar in the field of computer science, this program provides students with mentoring, learning, and research opportunities. To find out more about the Cupper Scholars Program, please talk with the Chair of the Department of Computer Science. To see Professor Cupper teaching in Alden Hall, you can watch several segments in the above video!


  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0

  • A final copy of your resume and a cover letter

  • A declared major or minor in computer science

  • Printed transcripts (a version from WebAdvisor is acceptable)

  • A personal interest statement that explains what type of research you would like to conduct and how it will benefit both the department and the discipline of computer science

Benefits Afforded to a Cupper Scholar

  • Invitation to a scholar-only event during the academic year

  • Mentoring from alumni who support the Cupper Scholars program

  • A stipend of approximately $1200 to support your collaborative research project

  • Research and career advice from mentors during the spring and/or summer academic semesters

Submission Details

Please submit all of the required materials, in printed form, to Professor Jumadinova. Students who have questions about the Cupper Scholars program are also encouraged to contact the Chair of the Department of Computer Science. Applicants should submit all of their materials no later than April 8, 2016.

Past Cupper Scholars

Brandon Ginoza

Brandon Ginoza
Spring 2015

Topic: Modelling and predicting the efficiency of mutation testing techniques
Outcomes: R language package for predicting the speed of mutation testing
Mentor: Dr. Gregory M. Kapfhammer
Cody Kinneer

Cody Kinneer
Spring 2015

Topic: Empirically assessing the complexity of search-based test data generation
Outcomes: Open-source tool, freely available data, and two published papers
Mentor: Dr. Gregory M. Kapfhammer