Aravind Mohan



DATAVIEW: A Big Data Workflow system for managing data analysis processes. The project is supported as part of NSF DIBBS project (near 1M). A big data workflow is the computerized modeling and automation of a process consisting of a set of computational tasks and their data interdependencies to process and analyze data of ever increasing in scale, complexity, and rate of acquisition.

USTM: The popularity of Web 2.0 has resulted in a large number of publicly available online consumer reviews created by a demographically diverse user base. An User-aware Sntiment Topic Model extracts the information about the authors of these reviews, such as age, gender and location to better understand the preferences of different market segments and improve the product design, manufacturing processes and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Shimming: An automated approach to address the shimming problem in workflows, in which a special kind of adaptors, called shims, are inserted between workflow tasks to resolve the data type incompatibility issue. This approach enables the ease of registering workflow tasks from various types of applications and generate a scalable workflow to perform big data processing.

Workflow Exception Handler: A reliable workflow execution framework to automatically handle exception during workflow run. A new exception handling language is proposed with syntax and semantic rules.