Entrepreneurship in Interactive Entertainment (CMPSC 191)

Spring 2017

Lecture, Discussion and Group Work Session: 3-18 April, 2017, Alden 101, Tue, Wed, Thur. 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Course Instructor

Ben Cammarano
Email: bcammarano@allegheny.edu
Office hours: By appointment via Slack or email.

Chris Allison
Office: Quigley Hall 210
Email: callison@allegheny.edu
Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday: 10:30am-11am and 12:30pm-1pm or by appointment only via email.

Janyl Jumadinova
Office: Alden Hall 105
Email: jjumadinova@allegheny.edu
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 2:30pm-4:30pm (15 minute slots) - schedule via instructor's Google calendar.

Course Resources:

  • Course Syllabus

  • Course Slack channel for questions, discussions and other communication.

  • Bitbucket repository, a cloud-based course repository for obtaining the latest course materials from the instructor and for submitting assignments.

  • Sakai page

    • There is no required textbook for this course. All of the content for this class will also come directly from the instructors.

      The description of the course:

      An overview of building a creative, technical and business process for interactive content, such as video games and apps, and the underlying principles behind these processes. Students learn the product development stages including concept development, genre and platform selection, successful game play identification, technical production, and testing. Unique challenges in the field and existing solutions are examined. Student gain experience in the development of the video game design and technical design documents, creation of the business plan, and presentation of their video game design to a panel of entrepreneurs and the course instructor.