Programming Languages (CMPSC 220)

Spring 2017

Lecture, Discussion and Group Work Session: Alden 101, Tue, Thur 11:00am to 12:15pm

Laboratory Session: Alden 101, Tuesdays 2:30pm to 4:20pm

Course Resources:

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  • Bitbucket repository, a cloud-based course repository for obtaining the latest course materials from the instructor and for submitting assignments.

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    • Required Textbook: Programming Language Pragmatics, Third Edition by Michael L. Scott. Morgan-Kauffmann, 2009.

      The description of the course:

      A study of the important concepts in the design of programming languages, with emphasis on data types, scoping, binding times, control structures, facilities for abstraction, and storage allocation. Language constructs will be evaluated both for their usefulness in supporting the software development process and the overhead incurred in implementing them. Both procedural and non-procedural languages will be studied, and students will acquire enough literacy in a few of these languages to write moderately sophisticated programs.