Game Design and Development Group Independent Study (CMPSC 590-02)

Spring 2021

Class Discussions: Alden 101 or online, Monday 11:00am - 12pm OR 2pm - 3pm

Guest Session: TBD

Course Resources:

Description of the course:

Investigation of the principles of the 2D and 3D graphics, animation, storytelling and the hands-on study of the game development. Through readings, demonstrations, discussions and hands-on activities, students in this independent study will learn foundations of the basics of game design and development. Weekly class activities provide students with an opportunity to explore specific elements of video game design or development, while the course project will tie these concepts together in a completed video game. Students will learn to develop a game concept, create a prototype of the game, test and improve the game. We will also discuss licensing, marketing, and other business considerations.

Course Schedule

The Art of Game Design book

Week 1:

No meeting.

Week 2:

Introduction. Idea Generation. Slides.

Week 3:

Idea Pitches and Development with JJ (March 8, 11am or 2pm). Narrative Development with Doug Luman (March 9 @ 6pm).

Week 4:

Narrative Development with Doug Luman (March 17 @ 12pm). Lessons learned from game development as a hobby and C# with Race Mahoney (March 19 @ 12pm).

Week 5:

Design: 3D Modeling with Eric Charlton (March 22 @ 1pm and March 24 @ 1:30pm)

Week 6:

Modeling with Eric Charlton (March 29 @ 2pm). Visual and sound design with Jordan Durci (March 31 @ 1pm). Game industry best practices with Ben Cammarano (April 1 @ 11am).

Week 7:

Game Implementation with JJ (April 5, 11am or 2pm).

Week 8:

Project Check-in with JJ (April 12, 11am or 2pm).

Week 9:

Alternative platforms for development with JJ (April 19, 11am or 2pm).

Week 10:

Project Check-in with JJ (April 26, 11am or 2pm).

Week 11:

Project Check-in with JJ (May 3, 11am or 2pm).

Week 12:

Project Presentations with JJ (May 10, 11am or 2pm).