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Course Summary: In this course, we will continue the introduction to computer science and programming begun in CMPSC111. This semester, we will focus on the data structures provided in the Java language, including Stacks, Queues, Deques, Lists, Strings, Trees, Graphs, and Hashtables. We will also discuss some basic program flow structures, such as searching, sorting, and recursion. Finally, we will begin to discuss how these data structures perform with respect to each other, and introduce the ideas behind algorithmic analysis. There will be one lab session per week.

Instructor Info:
Professor: John Wenskovitch
Office: Virtual
Email: jwenskovitch(at)allegheny(dot)edu
Class Meetings: Lecture MWF 10:00-10:50, Lab Th 2:30-4:20
Office Hours: Book an Appointment!

Course Info:
Required Text: Data Structures and Algorithms in Java, Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia, 6th edition (ISBN13: 978-1-118-77133-4).