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Posted on January 9, 2016

Course Summary: In this course, we will discuss a number of types of algorithms, and learn how to analyze these algorithms. We will dig deeper into our understanding of computational complexity, and discuss how to design efficient algorithms using this knowledge. We will explore a few different models of computation, such as divide-and-conquer and dynamic programming, and we will discuss the idea of NP-Completeness. Throughout the course, you will develop skills in both mathematical analysis and in algorithmic programming methodology. There will be one lab session per week.

Instructor Info:
Professor: John Wenskovitch
Office: 104 Alden Hall
Email: jwenskovitch(at)allegheny(dot)edu
Class Meetings: Lecture MWF 1:30-2:20, Lab F 2:30-4:20
Office Hours: Book an Appointment!

Course Info:
Required Text: Algorithms, Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne, 4th edition (ISBN13: 978-0-321-57351-3).