Students are encouraged to complete the Innovation Seminar sequence of CMPSC 480 and CMPSC 481 to build the skills necessary for obtaining and successfully completing an internship experience. All students wishing to do an internship or independent study for credit must submit an Internship and Independent Study Approval Form.

Research Opportunities

Additionally, students are encouraged to explore the many summer research opportunities available. For example, please review the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site. Of course, there are many more opportunities open to computer science majors. Students who have declared a major in Computer and Information Science should ask their advisor for more information. Please talk to the Chair of the Department of Computer and Information Science if you are seeking a research opportunity and you are either minoring in Computer and Information Science or planning to declare a major in the discipline.

Additionally, there are sometimes summer research opportunities at Allegheny College. Please consult faculty members in the Department of Computer and Information Science if you are interested in exploring such opportunities.

Recent Job Listings

A listing of recent news posts advertising internships, research opportunities, and career opportunities.